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“Spring “Goldband” Action Campaign, an initiative that encourages meaningful conversation among students, faculty and staff about promoting understanding in areas such as race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion and socioeconomic circumstances.”
Gold Bandl

Shine the Light on Oz

Keep your eye out for more information on Oswego’s “Shine the Light on Oz Campaign” by following their tumblr page! https://www.tumblr.com/search/shineonoz

~exerpt from the #shineonoz Tumblr page
“Guidelines for Civil Discourse

Discourse that is civil means that those involved (AACU, 2013)

  • undertake a serious exchange of views;
  • focus on the issues rather than on the individual(s)
  • defend their interpretations using verified information;
  • thoughtfully listen to what others say;
  • seek the sources of disagreements and points of common purpose;
  • embody open-mindedness and a willingness change their minds;
  • assume they will need to compromise and are willing to do so;
  • treat the ideas of others with respect;
  • avoid violence (physical, emotional, and verbal).”
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Today is the Day

Rock the Vote


This is the big day, so don’t miss your opportunity to take part.

Better move fast, you only have a few hours left!

Make sure you have all of the information you need before you head out to cast your vote. Check out RocktheVote.com/get-informed, or text “GOVOTE” to 788683 to get more information about your polling location (o, para español, texta VOTA).


Have fun today!

-Rock the Vote

P.S. Once you’ve voted tell your friends to join you. Get the word out by sharing the smash hit #TurnOutForWhat video!

One week from today!

The countdown begins! One week from today…… Election Day! See you at the polls :) Don’t forget to meet us in the Marano Center food court from 7-9pm to watch the results. There will be games, snacks and prizes.

Bring your Rock the Vote pin and enter to win an iPad mini!