Civic Skills

Civic skills allow us to become active citizens of our communities and include knowing how to work within political and legislative systems, and how to marshal other community resources in order to get things done. Civic skills also include those involved in deliberating wisely about issues and getting groups together to do so democratically. Finally, civic skills involve getting well acquainted with one’s own community.

Every time SUNY Oswego students, staff, and faculty organize in order to get something new accomplished after identifying an unmet need they are learning and exercising civic skills. Similarly, any group organizing a forum, planning a community dialogue, or leading discussions of issues is developing skills. Working to support a candidate or a political movement encourages a way to gain civic skills. Those who work with others in the Oswego community to institute change are becoming acquainted with key elements of the community.

At Oswego, our efforts at instituting civic skills are open to your suggestions. If you have ideas you would like to develop, contact the Civic Engagement Office at

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