Sustainability Conference

Don’t forget to Check out the Sustainability Conference! There will be a keynote speaker from 1pm-2pm in Marano Center Auditorium 132 today!

Also, the registration deadline is creepin’ up (October 10)! Register at, or come see me in the Marano Center this Thursday from 12:45-4pm! You can’t vote if you don’t register, #GoRegister #GoVote

Hey Everyone!

Civic Engagement,

Remembering stuff can be hard. We all know it. We all could use a little help.

Rock the Vote to the rescue — we’ll help you #ProtectVoting by sending you a registration reminder on National Voter Registration Day.

If we let ourselves and our friends forget to register to vote, then we can’t really #ProtectVoting all that well. Our voices are the best tool we have to stop efforts to block the vote. If we don’t vote in November — even if we simply forgot to register! — it sets us all back in a major way.

Studies show that a little reminder, even a simple email from a friend, goes a long way to getting people registered before their deadlines.

After a long summer of standing together to #ProtectVoting, this is how we move to the next step — but we can only protect the vote when we remember to register.

Just add your name and we’ll send you a super simple reminder to check your registration on National Voter Registration Day:

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for a reminder!

Dominic Lowell, Rock the Vote


Constitution Day


Happy Constitution Day Everyone! Come celebrate by signing our Constitution and Registering to Vote for General Elections this year. Find me in Campus Center outside of the Point today and tomorrow. Keep your eyes open for our schedule of events, coming soon. #RocktheVote