Election Day 1 Week Away

With Election day quickly approaching, it is time for those of you who will be voting next week to look up the issues and decide who you will be voting for, and we’re here to help. Our “Links on the Issues” page will show you a number of different websites that can help break down the issues and where the candidates stand on them.

If you have any questions about the Election or where to vote, email us at Civic@oswego.edu

Election Night Party at SUNY Oswego

As November 6th approaches, we’re trying to get our Election Night Party together for students at SUNY Oswego to celebrate democracy. It’ll be in the Campus Center Food Court with prizes, giveaways, pizza, music, a screen for watching the polls, and a chance to be politically engaged on our campus. This will be the big moment many of us have been waiting for this semester. It’s important, regardless of political affiliation, that we come together as a community for something as vital as this.

Hope to see you there!

-Civic Engagement

New York Campus Compact Conference

Last Friday we were lucky enough to be apart of a conference between a number of other SUNY schools. We spoke about our strategies, things that worked, things we looked to improve on, and future plans for engaging students at their universities. It was a great learning experience and we look forward to working with New York Campus Compact, Cornell, and all the SUNY schools involved.

Project Vote Smart Update

Courtesy of the Project Vote Smart website:

New York congressional candidates are now available inside our interactive tool VoteEasy. To instantly see which of your congressional candidates best align with you on the issues,simply click the photo below and enter your zip code when prompted:



Winner of a Webvisionary Award, featured by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa), and called, “The most compelling voter information resource ever seen,” by GovTrack.us.


For the past year, we’ve been working hard to coax the truth out of politicians around the country with the Political Courage Test. We try to get their positions on important issues directly, and we also go the extra mile by dedicating thousands of research hours determining their likely issue positions when they refuse to respond. This is what powersVoteEasyand makes it THE tool, simplifying your pre-election research and matching you with your “political soul mate.”

Find your congressional candidates’ Political Courage Test results by clicking here.


Please tell your friends, family, co-workers and fellow voters about this fantastic tool – tell them it’s accurate, tell them it’s free, and tell them it wouldn’t have been possible without our supporters! For more information on becoming a contributing member of Project Vote Smart, or for information on volunteering, interning and more ways to help us, please visit our website or call us, 1-888-VOTESMART.




Staff, interns, and volunteers
Project Vote Smart

Moving Forward:

With the registration deadline in the review mirror, we hope to inspire people to get educated on the issues and ultimately, to get out their and cast their vote. There are a lot of websites dedicated to education and some of them are linked here in the pages link above that says, “Links on the Issues.” Click there to take quizzes, read articles, and see where you fit in within the political spectrum.


20 days until we get to Rock the Vote and celebrate Democracy. 



Registration Deadline:

Today was the last day for new voters to register for the upcoming election. After counting up the last of the forms, absentee and registration, we came to a grand total of 1,227. This well exceeded our goal of 1,000 and we are very proud of our campus for being involved so far. The next step is to become an educated voter by watching the debates, looking up where the candidates stand on certain issues, and finally going out and casting your vote on November 6th. 

We already did a thank you a few posts back, but would like to again say thank you to those who have helped out this past month and a half. It’s been a long, tiring journey to this point but we pulled through and met our goal. 

We did it!

Congratulations, SUNY Oswego;

Today was the day we broke 1,000 forms to give us a grand total of 1,137. I want to thank everyone who has helped us surpas our goal: Our volunteers, WRVO, Res-Life and Housing, The Compass, the Civic Engagement Coalition, Black Student Union & the ALANA Organizations, the Office of Business and Community Relations, Student Association, SAPB, and most of all SUNY Oswego’s students. It has been fun seeing the numbers go up as well as being able to see our logos all over campus. We’ll continue to post updates here so make sure you check back regularly.

– Civic Engagement & Rock the Vote Oswego State

Important Message:

In an effort to continue our bi-partisan voter education for the upcoming election, Civic Engagement and the SUNY Oswego Rock the Vote team would like to make one thing very clear about tonight’s speaker;

At SUNY Oswego tonight at 6pm in Campus Center room 210 Green Party Candidate Ursula Rozum will be promoting her Green New Deal agenda for economic recovery and climate action. Though the press release states she will look “to Rock the Vote” she is in no way associated with SUNY Oswego’s Rock the Vote Campaign.

However, despite her not being associated with our campaign, we do encourage students to go to this event to continue learning more about their country’s politics. This will be a very informative talk and may be very beneficial to those students interested in this subject as well as the Green Party. 

Thank you, 

Civic Engagement Staff & SUNY Oswego’s Rock the Vote team