SUNY Oswego’s First Annual Mental Wellness Conference: Speaker Spotlight

This Saturday, April 26th, join us for SUNY Oswego’s first annual Mental Wellness Conference! Leading up to the event, we want to let you learn a little bit more about our speakers. Today’s spotlight is on Geoff Baer

“Geoff Baer, a recent hire to the HPW Department, is currently teaching Wellness and Addiction classes as well as Emotional Wellness. Baer is certified as a QiGong instructor through the Center for Taiji/QiGong Studies in New York City, who conducts research along side Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital. Baer also teaches locally at North Coast Yoga and focuses on individual therapy in a Mind/Body/Spirit focus of self healing for injuries and other issues.”

Baer will be speaking on Alternative Therapies this Saturday at the MWC along with Jo Molascon in Campus Center room 201 at 1:45.

The complete schedule for the day is below.


Meet and Greet –CC 132


Welcoming Keynote: Overcoming the stigma – Active Minds, Suz and Ashley CC 132


Session 1a Poster Presentations – Various Presenters CC 201

Session 1b Trauma – Dr. Wolford and Melanie Proper CC 132



Session 2a Understanding Legislation – Sociology Club, Adriana CC 201

Session 2b Wellness for you – Health Promotion and Wellness Club, Mike Lenardi CC 132


Session 3a Alternative Therapies – Prof. Geoff Baer, Jo Molascon CC 201

Session 3b DSM V and Insurance – Kelly LaBarge, Dr. Fiorini  CC 132



Closing remarks and social CC 132