Hey Everyone!

Civic Engagement,

Remembering stuff can be hard. We all know it. We all could use a little help.

Rock the Vote to the rescue — we’ll help you #ProtectVoting by sending you a registration reminder on National Voter Registration Day.

If we let ourselves and our friends forget to register to vote, then we can’t really #ProtectVoting all that well. Our voices are the best tool we have to stop efforts to block the vote. If we don’t vote in November — even if we simply forgot to register! — it sets us all back in a major way.

Studies show that a little reminder, even a simple email from a friend, goes a long way to getting people registered before their deadlines.

After a long summer of standing together to #ProtectVoting, this is how we move to the next step — but we can only protect the vote when we remember to register.

Just add your name and we’ll send you a super simple reminder to check your registration on National Voter Registration Day:


Don’t be embarrassed to ask for a reminder!

Dominic Lowell, Rock the Vote


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