Today’s Random Act of Kindness Winners

Meaghan is being recognized because Dana said that when she feels sad or bad, “Meaghan always brings out the positive look on life.” Dana is being recognized for being kind enough to recognize Meaghan’s kindness. 

Do you want to win a prize too?  Go.Do.Good. and have the receiver drop your Random Act of Kindness card at either Compass, Penfield, or Mary Walker’s drop box. We will draw a card everyday this week to recognize a RAK bandit and receiver to promote kindness, collaboration and trust in the spirit of our Community Incubator in partnership with the Counseling Services Center. Don’t forget to write in your full name so we can find you!

Lost your card? Go to a residence hall front desk or any drop box to get another card and pay it forward!

Now, Go.Do.Good!


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