Why ‘Critical Social Justice’?

Interesting commentary on creating conversations on social justice, something SUNY Oswego Civic Engagement has been dedicated to.


Amelia Meman, ’15, Gender and Women’s Studies (GWST), is Grants and Marketing Intern at UMBC’s Women’s Center, Co-Leader of Women Involved in Learning and Leadership (WILL), and Director of Events with the GWST Council of Majors, Minors, & Certificates

[Cross-posted on the Critical Social Justice and Women’s Center blogs]

Amelia MemanTo many, the words “Critical Social Justice” may mean little or maybe too much.

Is it a class?

A mode of thinking?

An event?

A movement?

To me, it is all of those things. It’s an introduction to an academic lens, a new way of thinking, a celebration, an ongoing effort, and my brainchild.

UMBC Spotlight_RevisedCSJ  came from my experiences as a student, a feminist, and an artist. I began to see all the gaps in social justice movements: the hierarchy of value associated with different forms of activism, the mainstream issues that take center stage and the issues…

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