Our job has only just begun…

As students of SUNY Oswego, as well as citizens of this great nation, it is our job to learn and educate others about the issues within our country. Our slogan, “Get informed. Be Active. Stay Involved,” is what we will try to spread around our campus. What Civic Engagement will do is provide students with educational events put together by us or by any other campus organization to help bring the issues that matter to the forefront. We also want students to be involved with the educational process so that there is a level of understanding within our community that these issues do matter, to everyone. We want to touch on Women’s rights, Gay rights, Civil rights, Student’s rights, issues on campus and in our community, and work together to see what kind of solutions we can come up with. Just because the election is over doesn’t mean we’re waiting until the next election. This is the time for our elected officials to know what issues and problems we have that we want corrected.

Tomorrow we will be starting to put together these events that will be going on next semester. We have big plans and hope to touch on all of the issues listed above and continue to expand on what we’ve done this year. If you have any ideas, are in an organizations, or just want to be involved do not hesitate to email us at Civic@Oswego.edu or to stop by the Compass and chat. If we learned anything from last semester it’s that collaboration can make a huge difference.

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