Busy Busy!

So the last few days have been filled with updates, planning, meetings, footwork, and emails. But, with election day just 5 days away, we will soon be able see the fruit of all our hard work. Our final numbers were just over 1,300 registration and absentee ballot applications, which means the Board of Elections had their hands full. We want to thank them for putting up with all our questions and helping us out a great deal throughout this process. After the polls close, we will be in the Campus Center Food Court celebrating democracy from 8pm to midnight, maybe later.  As a non-partisan political organization, it is important sometimes to look past the politics of the election and remember how great it is that we have the opportunity to have people represent our views. We’ve had great support from other organizations on campus and together we’re looking to make this a really big, fun event for the campus.

One last note, we’re trying to grow Civic Engagement on our campus to being more than just words on a page, meetings, and a few select people being heavily involved. With that, I am welcoming anyone who is interested in becoming a contributing writer on this blog to please email us at Civic@oswego.edu. This is a small step forward to getting more students involved with what we do on a regular basis and to show other students that it is important to be engaged politically.

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