Registration Deadline:

Today was the last day for new voters to register for the upcoming election. After counting up the last of the forms, absentee and registration, we came to a grand total of 1,227. This well exceeded our goal of 1,000 and we are very proud of our campus for being involved so far. The next step is to become an educated voter by watching the debates, looking up where the candidates stand on certain issues, and finally going out and casting your vote on November 6th. 

We already did a thank you a few posts back, but would like to again say thank you to those who have helped out this past month and a half. It’s been a long, tiring journey to this point but we pulled through and met our goal. 

We did it!

Congratulations, SUNY Oswego;

Today was the day we broke 1,000 forms to give us a grand total of 1,137. I want to thank everyone who has helped us surpas our goal: Our volunteers, WRVO, Res-Life and Housing, The Compass, the Civic Engagement Coalition, Black Student Union & the ALANA Organizations, the Office of Business and Community Relations, Student Association, SAPB, and most of all SUNY Oswego’s students. It has been fun seeing the numbers go up as well as being able to see our logos all over campus. We’ll continue to post updates here so make sure you check back regularly.

– Civic Engagement & Rock the Vote Oswego State

Important Message:

In an effort to continue our bi-partisan voter education for the upcoming election, Civic Engagement and the SUNY Oswego Rock the Vote team would like to make one thing very clear about tonight’s speaker;

At SUNY Oswego tonight at 6pm in Campus Center room 210 Green Party Candidate Ursula Rozum will be promoting her Green New Deal agenda for economic recovery and climate action. Though the press release states she will look “to Rock the Vote” she is in no way associated with SUNY Oswego’s Rock the Vote Campaign.

However, despite her not being associated with our campaign, we do encourage students to go to this event to continue learning more about their country’s politics. This will be a very informative talk and may be very beneficial to those students interested in this subject as well as the Green Party. 

Thank you, 

Civic Engagement Staff & SUNY Oswego’s Rock the Vote team

Update: 10/8

After today’s tabling we are now up to 850 registration and absentee ballot applications. With 4 days until the deadline we are 150 shy of reaching our goal of 1,000 forms. Take a look at our calendar of events to see where we will be and make sure to get your forms in soon!

Rock the Vote!

Update: 10/4

Dear SUNY Oswego Faculty, Staff, and Students;

As of 10:30am on October 4th we have 788 registration and absentee ballot applications completed. Though we are proud of our campus for showing us support during this crucial time in our country’s history, we will continuing to push towards our goal of 1,000. With 212 forms and a 8 days remaining until the registration deadline, we’re doing everything we can to make sure our campus is well represented and that your voice will be heard on November 6th.

Overal, as stated above, we have had great support from students, faculty, and staff throughout our campaign. However, we often hear students say, “I don’t want to vote, these issues don’t directly affect me” or “I don’t know anything about politics.” Knowledge is key to our country moving forward regardless of who wins the election. Every citizen should be engaged with their country’s political stances domestically and internationally. Our republic is based on the hopes that people want to be involved and have their voice heard, so go out there and learn about what’s going on, because it does affect you and it will continue to do so throughout your life.

Get educated, be engaged, and go vote. 


Civic Engagement & the SUNY Oswego Rock the Vote team